Extruded Acrylic 1-10mm

01 Product Feature

- Various color available, long-time lasting.

- Easy to mould. Non-toxic acrylic sheet

- Bright, insulated, chemical endurability, easily processed, avirulence.

- Good at anti-UV.Color will fade less than 30% in 3 years by outdoor using 

   and shows color difference for different batch.

- Density of acrylic sheet:  1,200g/cm3.

- It is widely used for light boxes, glowing signs, acrylic crafts, lighting, bathtub……


   02 Specifications

       Transparent and Colored as opal, white, red, green, blue, yellow, brown, smoke. 
modulated color is warm welcome 
Dimensions: 1220 x 1830mm, 1220 x 2440mm, 2050 x 3050mm
                      1270 x 2510mm, 1270 x 1880mm, 1250 x 2470mm,
                      1240 x 1850mm, 1290 x 1900mm, 1240 x 2460mm.
Thickness:      From 1mm to 8mm
Raw material:  100% virgin pmma material come from LUCITE and MRC.

 03 Product feature


As the biggest characteristic of extruded acrylic sheet, the light transmittance can reach to 93%, which

 is far above other plastic sheet and ordinary inorganic glass.

2.Weather resistance

With excellent weather resistance,GV Acrylic sheet can perfectly withstand the erosion of sunshine, wind,

 snow and rain etc. It is the best choice to be applied into construction and outdoor sign etc.

3.High impact resistance 

With wonderful high impact resistance, GV Acrylic sheet won't result in any fragments like inorganic glass 

even if broken.

4.Dye ability

GV Acrylic sheet can be freely modulated the color you expect. 

04 Applications
1...Advertising engraving display, vacuum forming, stationery rack, present, kitchen & bathroom furniture, 
construction decoration, photics and other industry.
2...Acrylic sheet are widely used for engraving, advertisement sheets, lamp-chimney, decorations, 
medical appliances, work of arts.
3...Widely used for indoor and outdoor decorating and advertising light box.  

05  Packing & Shipping

Packing: Both sides are covered with craft paper or PE film to protective surface, wooden pallet as package

 including four protective corners. Using plastic film all around to ensure transportation security.

1*20GP container load 10-13 tons.

1*40GP container load 18 tons.