Acrylic Swimming Pool

The advantage of Custom clear thick acrylic sheet for acrylic swimming pool   :

 1. Better diaphaneity. It may be reach above 93% which has a clear quality equal to crystal(The scenery inside the aquarium tank may look smaller.) ;


 2. The surface of our products is smooth;


 3.It has fine property of weather resisitance as well as  acid and alkali resistance;


 4.Strong plasticity it can be easily shaped and processed;


 5.Light self-weight , and can be convenient to transport;


 6.All kinds of acrylic products, the size is designed by customer.


They can be employed in a variety of uses, including aquarium windows, underwater windows swimming pool windows, roofing and building construction, finishing  and furnishing, objects, noise barriers and in many other fields such as the food, energetic, scientific, military and medical ones.